Why Make Wine from Wine kits?


Imagine going to your favorite wine shop to pay $20 for your treasured  British Columbia Meritage and opening the wine in the comfort of your own home.  You pour the wine through the aerator to open up the wine’s aromas in your glass.  You smell the wine and take in its aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and leather.  Taking a sip, you swirl the wine over your tongue and detect flavors of plum and black currants.  Now, you can make that same wine for $5 a bottle and have 30 bottles of wine from a kit wine that’s just as good as that $20 you paid earlier!  There are several reasons why to make wine from wine kits.  The first and foremost reason is you love wine and want a cellar of a nice selection of wine without breaking the budget.  A wine equipment kit can run in the $100 to $200 range.  From there, you can always purchase more carboys to increase your capacity to make more wine to meet demand.    Another reason to make wine from kits is the time spent making wine is around 30 minutes to put a wine in the fermenter.   Thus, it allows you to go out and enjoy some of the great outdoors in the summertime.  Once you start making wine, you’ll love the smell from your fermenter.  It can be a starting point to wine appreciation and the understanding of the flavor and aroma contributions from your wine kit.       With the knowledge of the time it takes to make wine from kits (4-8 weeks), which wines should you make during which time of the year?  This is truly up to you the home winemaker and the climate you live in.  Personally, I’ve found that I really enjoy a cold white wine in the summer time, so I’m more apt to make white wines in the late Spring/ early Summer for those evenings when a cold wine satisfies the thirst.    Aging time on white wines is not as long either.   If you are in need of a wine to be enjoyed young, a Vieux Chateau du Roi would be a good option.   I enjoy full bodied red wines, so I’m more inclined to make those the other time of the year to enjoy during times of cooler weather.  Considering the people of Argentina enjoy their fullest bodied wine on Dec. 25th during the heat of their summer, the best wine for you to make really is the one which fits your budget and your taste.  Cheers!